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"Nenhum golpe funciona contra o mesmo cavaleiro"
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It kind of annoys me that Komari’s casual outfit is gothic lolita. Sure, lolita fashion suits her perfectly! But gothic lolita is all about being dark and creepy, which isn’t like Komari at all! It’s all the worse since sweet lolita would be PERFECT for her - it’s filled with fairytale motifs and sweets and stars and cute animals! It’s such a perfect example of how ridiculously overexposed gothic lolita is in anime.

-Admin Kyousuke

K-On!, K-On!!, K-On! Movie - OP/s & ED/s


Me: N-No… I’m not crying damnit! T_T


Tales of the Abyss x Clannad OP Parody [Megumeru]

Link to the video: here

Feels are a powerful thing and are apparently able to produce videos. Long story short, I love these two videogame-turned-anime. I hope you all enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it!

『クドわふたー Converted Edition』